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From summer barbecue parties to intimate dinners with loved ones, your property’s deck is the perfect venue during cool summer nights, but you can only do that when your deck is in perfect order. Otherwise, you risk exposing your loved ones to health and safety hazards.

Here at Master Deck Repair Atlanta, we specialize in deck repair services. By utilizing our expertise in Atlanta carpentry, we ensure that your deck stays the perfect venue for making happy memories.

Why Atlanta Deck Repair is Essential

atlanta deck repair

Decks are a welcome addition to just about any property in Atlanta. However, because of their outdoor location, they are put at a special disadvantage. Specifically, decks are constantly assaulted by the elements, and without proper maintenance, your deck can deteriorate fast and become damaged, requiring the services of professionals specializing in deck repair in Atlanta.


Moisture is one of your deck’s worst enemies. When water from rain or snow gets absorbed by the wooden boards of your deck, it can wash away the resins present inside. And when the resins are washed away, the wood becomes structurally unstable, resulting in splinters and cracks.

But aside from that, moisture also promotes the growth of mold, algae, and mildew. While these do not directly cause structural damage to decks, they present health hazards that can affect your beloved family members.

Ultraviolet rays

Sunlight affects wood the same way as human skin – it can cause irreparable damage. And just like how people should always put on sunscreen, your deck needs ample protection from sunlight in the form of deck stains. Without proper protection, you will notice that the wooden boards take on a grayish color. Left unchecked, that cosmetic damage can turn into something worse – brittle wood.

Repair Services Offered by Atlanta Deck and Home Renovations Experts

Although there is not much you can do about the elements, you can provide your deck with ample protection. However, it is still important to get your deck checked by professionals specializing in Atlanta deck and home renovations services. This will ensure that your deck is in good shape. Should these professionals see any defects, they can use their special skills to repair your deck.

Ledger inspection and repairs
For decks attached to the main house, one of the first things we do upon arrival on your property is to check the condition of the ledger. Decks are attached to houses through ledgers.

Many cases of deck collapses can be attributed to decayed ledgers or loose fasteners. The ledger should be free from moisture and rot. If it is damaged by moisture, it is essential to replace it and place a flashing to prevent moisture from seeping in.

Our Atlanta deck repair technicians will also check the bolts used to fasten the ledger. Ideally, lags or bolts should be used as fasteners and not ordinary nails or decking screws.

Concrete pier and post inspection and repair
If you have an elevated deck with concrete piers, we’ll inspect the condition of these and look for signs of disintegration. Or if the posts used have diameters smaller than accepted standards, we’ll recommend the replacement of these.

Next, we’ll check the condition of the wooden vertical posts. Ideally, your deck should have 6X6 wooden posts which provide more stability. If the size of these posts is smaller, we’ll recommend the replacement of these.

Finally, we’ll inspect posts for signs of rot caused by excess moisture. If there are signs of decay, it is highly recommended by specialists in deck repair Atlanta homeowners trust to replace these.

Beam inspection and repair

Unless you have a small deck, it is highly likely that yours has horizontal beams that support its piers and posts. If the condition of the horizontal beams has deteriorated, the best course of action is to replace these to prevent deck collapse.

Aside from damage caused by moisture, horizontal beams can also sag due to the overall weight of the deck above it. This issue can be remedied by the installation of additional supporting beams.

Floor joist repair

The ledger and beams are connected to the floor joists using metal hangers. We’ll make sure that these metal hangers are attached firmly to the ledger and beams. Ideally, metal hangers should be attached using hanger nails. If common screws or nails have been used on your deck, we’ll need to replace these.

Joists that have been severely damaged by moisture or insect infestation also need to be fixed to prevent sagging.

Deck board repair

If your deck uses wood boards, it is possible that these have succumbed to rot or insect infestation caused by the presence of moisture. Wooden boards that are warped or twisted should be replaced immediately to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Railing repair

Railings provide both support and protection for people, but like other portions of your deck, cracks can develop on the railings. Moisture can warp wood and attract insects. Furthermore, the screws or bolts used to attach the railings to the main deck structure can loosen.

Our Atlanta carpentry experts will check for any of these signs and make the necessary repairs.

Stair repair

Like railings, stairs can succumb to structural damage and loose fasteners. We’ll carefully inspect the different components of the stairs, watching out for problems caused by moisture and insects.

Hardware replacement

Some Atlanta carpentry experts use metal hardware to bolster the decks and provide more stability to the main structure. But sometimes, metal hangers can succumb to rust or loosen.

We’ll also check for loose or missing nails which can cause injuries. If there are any missing or if the wrong type of nails has been used, these will be replaced with the appropriate ones.


Deck Restoration Services

Call Atlanta Deck and Home Renovations Specialists for Deck Repairs

When your deck is in bad order, the risk for accidents and health issues increases. Do not leave anything to chance. For deck repair in Atlanta, count on Master Deck Repair Atlanta for quality work and exceptional customer service. Call us now.

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