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Decks can last decades when given proper care and maintenance, but neglect, combined with the harsh elements, can shorten the lifespan of decks. When this happens, deck cleaning Atlanta property owners ought to know is no longer enough. When your deck is in pretty bad shape, you have two main options to choose from – replacement or restoration.

Beyond Deck Cleaning Atlanta Experts Offer Restoration

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Deck cleaning Atlanta property owners ought to know, is critical in keeping their decks in tip-top shape. Regular cleaning is an essential part of maintenance which can keep the build-up of dirt and debris, algae, mildew, and mold at bay. But no matter how diligent you are in keeping your deck clean, you can’t do much about the elements. In some cases, the deck can be salvaged, especially in the absence of rotten parts. But in instances where a significant amount of the deck has deteriorated and the possibility of deck collapse is inevitable, a rebuild is the better option.

Before determining whether a deck can still be restored or needs to be replaced totally, Atlanta deck restoration professionals need to consider a few important things first.

For one, the age of the deck needs to be determined. Ideally, a deck made out of wood should last about 25 years, give or take. If the deck on your property is around that age, a complete rebuild is the better choice.

Second, the frame and foundation of the deck should be carefully evaluated. It makes no sense to replace the wooden boards of the deck if its foundation and frame are in bad shape.

Although a complete deck rebuild is the costlier of two options, it is nonetheless the better option for older decks or those that have unstable frames and foundations.

Deck Restore Atlanta Pros Explain Process

If your deck is in relatively good condition, restoration is the better, most cost-effective solution. But how exactly do deck restoration Atlanta professionals proceed with this process? Each project is approached differently, depending on the overall condition of the deck and its location on a property.

Here at Master Deck Repair Atlanta, our team of Atlanta deck restoration specialists follows this procedure.

Deck inspection

Before starting any project, it is essential for our experts in deck restoration Atlanta homeowners trust to give a thorough inspection of our clients’ decks.

We need to evaluate the actual condition of each component of the deck, from the wooden boards to the concrete posts. This allows us to give you objective advice on how to proceed with the project.

Our deck restore Atlanta technicians will take note of areas that need to be mended or replaced.

Deck cleanup

After fixing or replacing parts of your deck, the next order of business is prepping it for deck refinishing. Your deck needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the buildup of grime, molds, and algae. For this task, our team of experts in deck restoration Atlanta homeowners trust uses the proper tools and techniques. The last thing that you want is additional damage to otherwise useful parts of your deck like the wooden boards.

Stain removal

The tools and techniques used by our specialist in deck cleaning can remove stains and blemishes on wood. However, if a few stains remain, we use the appropriate stain removal products that won’t cause additional damage to your deck.


If you wish to stain your deck, our team will prep the wooden part of your deck through sanding. Sanding is crucial because it helps facilitate the absorption of the stain. Every nook and cranny of the deck needs to be sanded to ensure that the grain of the wood shines through and receives ample protection from the stain that is going to be used.

Deck staining

No deck restoration is complete without staining. Stains bring out the natural beauty and grain of the wood while adding a good level of fortification against the elements and insects. And compared to paints, stains hold up better. Wood has the tendency to shrink and expand in response to outdoor conditions which makes the paint bubble or peel.

For deck refinishing Atlanta locals can expect that our team will use the appropriate tools and methods to ensure a uniform finish for deck staining.


Deck Repair Services

Trust Master Deck Repair Atlanta for Your Deck Restoration Needs

Before considering DIY-ing the restoration of your deck, you should consider a few factors first.

For one, do you have the tools and supplies needed to complete the task at hand? Most likely, you’ll need to purchase or rent the supplies required for the job. Renting or buying these can easily add up to the project costs.

Second, do you have the technical skills? Quite simply, if you don’t know exactly what needs to be done, you can end up doing extensive damage. Worse, you’ll end up spending more by hiring experts in deck restoration Atlanta property owners know to fix the botched job.

Even something as simple as choosing the right stain and applying this takes some level of knowledge and experience. Plus, you’ll need to spend time and effort, which you can otherwise use for other important things.

For a deck restore Atlanta homeowners should know that the better option is to hire trained professionals with the tools, knowledge and expertise.

Call us here at Master Deck Repair Atlanta. Our experts are ready to visit you and evaluate the condition of your deck and give you advice on which course of action to take with regards to your deck.

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